Overlord is the film we dream of, the one that mixes John Ford's aviators, Kurosawa's samurai and Morricone's cowboys in a fantasy epic. Overlord is the world we imagine, a perfect blend of Japanese, American and European cultures. Overlord is our definition of vintage, the one we give to these clothes that have been worn, ragged, worked by soldiers, labourers, farmers, carpenters… Our obsession is to remain faithful to the history of each, stirring a modernity and a strong character to create a unique and timeless style. We search piece by piece for the most beautiful patina, quality materials, and when we assemble them we keep in mind the legacy of these clothes, their era, their specific style.


At Overlord, we think things differently. Because each person is unique, they must be able to afford quality, personalized clothing, without ruining their budget or devastating the planet. That's why we defend a model that contributes to an overall solution to waste and standardization.

This model is “upcycling”: a process that allows to reuse vintage materials or clothing to transform them into original pieces of higher quality manufactured in small series. This involves assembling, either exclusively based on vintage pieces, or on a basis of new clothes but patched with old fabrics recovered from old clothes… We work in the manner of Japanese peasants who used to mend their clothes (sashiko) or workers in factories.

Fattore K features carefully selected innovative, luxury and unique products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing and footwear to bags, gadgets and accessories. It is clearly focused on its market, boasting the highest quality of service for both its representative companies and clients.