Andersen-Andersen is a family-owned company established in 2009. We design and manufacture a staple and functional unisex workwear collection. Our focus is on high-quality knitwear, with reference to Danish maritime traditions and craftsmanship. Why does Andersen-Andersen exist? In a world of fast fashion and throw-away-mentality, we’ve responded with sustainably manufactured garments of timeless design, made of the most durable materials to be worn and loved for a lifetime.

How does Andersen-Andersen do it? We’re a wool-first company born from the idea of making the world’s best sailor sweater. The garments are designed in Denmark and made by the best knitters in Italy. We work with radical transparency in the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing of the end products.

What is Andersen-Andersen’s attitude? We believe in doing one thing and doing it right. We make knitted functional workwear in the highest quality possible. We never compromise, even if it affects our bottom line. Our quest for quality extends to our social responsibility and ethical decisions.

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