Shoes & Accessoires

Paraboot is a French shoe brand founded over 100 years ago. The headquarters is situated in Izeaux in the French Alpes near Grenoble. We manufacturer shoes using the traditional methods for optimum comfort and function. Our Norwegian and Goodyear welted shoes are all made in France. (We are the biggest manufacturer of Norwegian welted shoes in the world.) The Blake stitched shoes are made in France, Italy and Spain.

The legendary strength and durability of the Paraboot shoes is attributed to the quality of the component materials. We only use the best European leathers tanned following traditional methods. Beside this, we have our own rubber outsole factory, which is a strength and a unique feature for the brand. Our rubber soles are all unique to Paraboot and are renowned for comfort and durability. The rubber soles owe their suppleness and longevity to the latex of the Hevea rubber tree. More than 150 manual actions are needed to make one pair of Paraboot shoes. Every pair is like a unique piece of artwork.

Beside our classic collection we also have an “avant- garde” collection. Our design team constantly looks for new materials, colours and designs to make shoes from sneakers to formal dressy shoes.

Photo : Diane Moyssan

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