Reception is a precise combination of people, time and places. It’s a dinner with friends that goes late into the night. This energy in the air that you can’t touch or see.

What we do is a curation of theses souvenirs. From our very own teenage years to skate references and all things travel-related. We speak to a group of like-minded people.

A community that has a lot of Proust’s madeleines spread all over the world. This is where we stand, offering you a piece of the cake. Our aim is to catch theses emotions and make it something real. Adding more value to the simple things in life.

It’s not a brand and you’re not a customer, we’re all guests and the table is long enough to welcome all of us.

Fattore K features carefully selected innovative, luxury and unique products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing and footwear to bags, gadgets and accessories. It is clearly focused on its market, boasting the highest quality of service for both its representative companies and clients.