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The original label, EAST HARBOUR SURPLUS-launched in 2008 by San Francisco Market- is a name that means a port of the east (“East Harbor”) that supplies military goods (“Surplus”). The main concept of the brand is taken from the ‘50s (the era of fashion revival), a classic casual wear likely worn in a small port town in the eastern United States. Rather than using tight-fitting measurements, EAST HARBOUR SURPLUS uses comfortable and natural lines that combine the ‘blue-collar workwear’ and a hint of military looks. It features witty fabrics and design that also fits white-collar men who can handle natural looking suits.
Producing high quality clothes using ‘fabric dying’ and ‘garments dying,’ all made in Italy. Two talented colleagues from the past–Mr. Taemin Han and Mr. Fabrizio Vanni–started EAST HARBOUR SURPLUS together. One took a charge of the style and the other one was in charge of the production. The actual collection started when the first shop opened in Seoul, and it had been five year since participating to PITTI UOMO.

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