Shoes & Accessoires

Stepney Workers Club is a London brand inspired by the inclusive culture of traditional Workers Sports Clubs.

The club message and slogan ‘Freedom Of Sport, Freedom Of Thought’ and the handshake symbol represent the values, liberal thinking and unity that we associate with these groups.

The footwear is a rethink of timeless, genreless vulcanized classics that have been adopted by varying sub-cultures over the decades. SWC is a free-thinking approach and spirit that feels relevant again today.

S.W.C represents a community of free-thinkers and liberalists who are not afraid of change. The brand shares a common value born from underground culture – authenticity in self-expression and sartorial freedom. This is represented today through considered design details and a dedication to quality, which speaks to the true nature of the original vulcanised products from the ‘50s - ‘80s.

Fattore K features carefully selected innovative, luxury and unique products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing and footwear to bags, gadgets and accessories. It is clearly focused on its market, boasting the highest quality of service for both its representative companies and clients.