Original Madras Trading Company

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Original Madras Trading Company is a family business with a checkered past. My grandfather established the company when he arrived in New York City from Madras in the early 70’s with a trunk full of Madras checks and other Indian woven textiles. Over time he established our office on 38th Street in the garment district with views of the Empire State Building. Today we still trade from those same offices and continue to supply many of the most renowned names in American clothing.

While continuing our business of making and supplying both fabrics and garments from southern India to brands around the world through our New York office, we have started a new project making a range of clothing using exclusively hand woven cloth. True to the spirit of my grandfather, our handloom project is a way to remind people of the rich origin story of Madras textiles and their deep ties to both the American and Indian societies and their two contrasting yet complementary cultures.

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