Shoes & Accessoires

LOVAT&GREEN is best known for providing the appropriate colour and shades for each of its designs. The best natural fabrics are always used in all its collections; we can find wool, cotton, cashmere, mohair… The fabrics are always created in India on looms over 100 years old, using the traditions and the know-how that a country like this offers, where the printing is still handmade.

LOVAT&GREEN is a committed, pioneering, cosmopolitan, daring and provocative brand. Our goal is to seduce and surprise, combining design and fashion with the best quality.

LOVAT&GREEN are unisex scarves, exclusive and timeless. We believe that scarves become an extension of the personality of the person wearing it. Its versatility allows a single scarf to be converted at the same time into many different ones.

Fattore K features carefully selected innovative, luxury and unique products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing and footwear to bags, gadgets and accessories. It is clearly focused on its market, boasting the highest quality of service for both its representative companies and clients.