Award-winning British designer Christopher Ræburn to reinvigorate Left Hand and ST95 brands originally founded by Massimo Osti. UK-based Left Hand Studios Limited has acquired two brands originally developed by the pioneering Italian designer Massimo Osti and plans to re-launch both in Autumn/Winter 2021.

Left Hand and ST95 were formed in the mid-1990s, using the technical insights Osti made his own with Stone Island and C.P. Company. The design and development of both brands will be led by award-winning British designer Christopher Ræburn, based at the RÆBURN Lab in East London.

Left Hand was the first brand Massimo Osti developed following his incredible work creating Stone Island and C.P. Company and was launched in 1993. With a focus on newly developed materials, Left Hand coupled Osti’s forward-thinking design skills and passion for innovation to create a unique brand DNA. The new collection for Autumn/Winter 2021 will feature jackets, liners and jersey, all in keeping with the brand’s original aesthetic yet evolved for the fashion landscape of today.

ST95 originally launched in 1995 and was known for its sporty appeal, focusing on a younger audience than Left Hand. For Autumn/Winter 2021, ST95 is being reimagined with a still youthful but responsibly minded, customer in mind. The brand will be forward-thinking with a nod to the brand’s original roots, executed in an unexpected and contemporary way.

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