Freemans Sporting Club

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Origin of the “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB” was the Restaurant, which was opened at the end of alley close to Bowery in Lower East Side. The Restaurant continues to offer the cozy home of the community with the way of life of old good time in 1950’s.

Following to the Restaurant opening, the men’s closing store and the barbershop were opened under name of the “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB” in 2005. Keywords of “made in local, buy local” explains the concept of the closing store. The closing store has been committed to provide consumers with the transparency of production places, the universal design and high quality products under the label of the “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB”. It makes possible for us to create real men’s wardrobe for the present age.

The “FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB” is one and only of the American trinity lifestyle brand in combination of the Clothing Store, the Barbershop and the Restaurant taken root in the community.

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